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How can I make my Vauxhall Nova sound nicer?

Well i got a Petrol,1 litre, K reg Vauxhall Nova. It ain't got turbo or nothing custom.

How can i make it sound nicer, I want a nice sound when i change gears, I heard I need a dump valve but can't fit one because it ain't turbo, is there any other solutions?

Also I want a more deep sound to my car when driving along, how can I achieve this?

ThanksHow can I make my Vauxhall Nova sound nicer?
Most auto parts and muffler shops can help you on that.

Just ask them and thay have a few defferend brands to pick from.

1999 Ford Expedition vibration when AT changes gears???

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition with an Automatic Transmission and 125K miles. When the transmission shifts into overdrive when cruising in the city around 45mph I hear and feel a slight vibration during the gear change. It seems to be coming from either the driveshaft or rear differential. I usually only feel it when shifting into overdrive and it seems to come and go depending on how im driving. I was told it was the transmission mount causing the driveshaft to vibrate due to lack of proper line-up??? Any ideas on this? If it helps, my transmission changes gears flawlessly, no slipping, jerking or anything like that. Thanks!!!1999 Ford Expedition vibration when AT changes gears???
Change the mount yourself, you can get trans mounts these days for less than 30 bucks. If that doesn't fix it (which I doubt it will), I'd take it to a transmission shop and have it inspected. You will come out cheaper in the long run doing that rather than just guessing at it.1999 Ford Expedition vibration when AT changes gears???
get the tranny flushed and the filter changed then have them check the u-joints for play or being overly stiff

if that is not it then you need the rear end serviced

How do I fix my bicycle chain?

I'm new to cycling, and soon after I got my bike I rolled it down some steps and the chain jumped off (at the pedals, not at the back wheel). A passing engineering student kindly put it back on for me, but it's on the outermost gear and the gear lever was set to the innermost gear. So, I can't change gears at the front. This makes going uphill rather tough going.

Can I just lift it off and put it on a different gear? Or is there more to it than that?How do I fix my bicycle chain?
I'd hunt down that engineering student and suggest he switch to art history or some other vocation having nothing to do with hardware.

You should be able to remove it from the big ring and lay it on the small ring by hand, unless the chain is now jammed in between the ring and the front derailleur. If you can't pull it off by hand, take it to a shop and ask them to do it.How do I fix my bicycle chain?
sounds like your deraileur or shifter is jammed

take it to your local bike shop
yea, lift it off and put in on the chainring that your shifter is set to or move the shifter to where the chain is at. sounds like a minor tune up might be needed

Is driving a standard car really that difficult?

My boyfriend and my best friend that's a girl both drive standard cars. I love them! I think it's so neat that you have to shift and do all that fancy stuff.

I learned how to drive one sort of, a while back with an old Volkswagen Bug with my dad, but I was nervous and didn't really learn anything.

Can someone tell me how to possibly drive one without showing me in real life?

Oh and another question. If you were to move the shifter accidentally without having your foot on the clutch, would it change gears, or even move at all?

I think standard cars are SO awesome. Any websites or tips or anything would be really cool. Anything you wanna tell me, go ahead! =)Is driving a standard car really that difficult?
No substitute for doing it, but it's not that hard.

It's very tactile. You feel what's going on with the car. You feel how you're letting out the clutch vs. how the car is accelerating. You feel if the gear has gone in correctly. Etc.

If you try to move the shifter without your foot on the clutch, it resists in a way you'll instantly feel is wrong. So you learn to not push very hard, and feel the tactile feedback.

Yeah they get better fuel economy and some say are fun to drive. Here's a weird thing. Michigan is totally flat and 95% of the cars are automatics (no sticks hardly.) San Francisco is crazy hilly and hard to park in, and 50% of the cars are sticks. Go figure that one out!

Anyway, sticks are dying. It'll all be hybrid in another 10 years, or whatever comes after that.Is driving a standard car really that difficult?
Just something you have to do to learn. The best way is to practice in traffic and don't be afraid.
i love driving a manual transmission..it might seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's totally easy.

I remember the first car I purchased was a stick shift. I couldn't even drive it out of the showroom for fear of laying rubber on the showroom floor. I remember after about 200 miles, I was eating, smoking and driving at the same time..

But in the beginning, I was really concentrating (no radio, totally focused) ahhhh the good ol days!
Professional rally drivers can change gears without using the clutch, because their timing is right on the spot. But don't do it because it can screw up your clutch and you will be whopping around $1000AUD just to get it fixed. Also, do not ride the clutch, meaning holding down the clutch while the car is moving for a set period of time. This will wear out the clutch, thus getting it fixed. I self taught (most of the time) driving a manual and it's better fun than a boring auto. You can tell when to change gears by the sound of the engine. If your dashboard has a REV meter, i usually change gears every 3000 revs. Make sure you don't get high revs or you'll screw up your engine.

Your main challenge is up hill starts. I rely on my handbrake when doing hillstarts
there really not that hard to learn to drive its more about coordination than anything you have to set your mind to work with your feet,and gas pedal all at the same time,really its not hard to do,once you get the general idea of it,you can easily learn it,most people are actually afraid to try it,and that makes them miss out on some fun driving,i like driving one,i have an older model Porsche,944 and its a 5 speed,and it feels good to change gears in it ,you,ll learn it just give it time ,good luck,i hope this helps.
I didn't think that it was that hard to learn and, like anything else, it just takes practice. Do NOT practice in traffic when you first start driving unless you want to get someone killed. Practice on a parking lot until you have the clutch/shift movements down reasonably well THEN try traffic.

If your foot isn't on the clutch when you move the shift the gears will grind and make a terrible noise, but the gears won't shift. Your foot has to be on the clutch for the gears to disengage so they can shift to another gear. Believe me, when you hear the gears grind you will get the message to put it back in gear really quick.
It compares to riding a bicycle. You have to learn and then it's easy. That's the only way to learn.

If you move the gear shift you can knock it out of gear.

I used to shift all the time without the clutch, but there is a trick to it. You have to let the engine idle down and then throw it in gear when the transmission speed equals the engine speed. It's not really good on the synchronizers but you can get away with it for years if you do it right.
i have no clue how to drive one! 4 different people have tried to teach me, but they give up after a couple hours of me killing the car after moving a few feet. the last time i got to going around and around in circles going fast and slow, but when i tried to go out of the little parking lot i always killed it. lol- good luck and i hope you get it down!!
Driving a standard shift vehicle can seem hard at first.But with a patient and experienced driver.You too can learn in a short time.Remember when you first learned to ride a two wheeled bicycle?You had to learn to make the contolling an extension of your body by manipulating the pedals and handle bars.Now, just find an abandoned or empty Parking Lot and have fun learning.DO NOT DRIVE in traffic while attempting to learn.Once you are pleased with yourself.Then try to drive in light traffic like back streets first until you are comfortable with this kind of driving.Oh yes, if you accidently knock it out of gear with your foot off the clutch pedal.It will only go into the neutral position.It would only grind if you force it to go into gear without your foot on the clutch.Although it is possible to drive without using the clutch pedal.But only experienced drivers should attempt this.The transmission has to be a synchromesh type.
Driving a standard is like dancing.What it is you do while lifting your left foot up off the clutch you slowly push down your right foot on the gas.You will feel pressure increase while your foot coming up off the clutch and you will learn by the feeling on how much gas to add.About it accidentally changing gears its possible depending on your speed and what gear.Practice in a safe place away from traffic maybe a empty parking lot.You need somewhere to practice stop and go's until you feel comfortable.GOOD LUCK
no not really as you probably found out with the vw. it just takes practice and determination. Some good sites for cars 1969 to 1975 and also earlier and later years: myclassiccar.com streetthunder.com
perhaps you can get a car with a tiptronic transmission this way you can drive automatic and manual.
Its not difficult but no one can show you You have to do it.If you moved the shifter without your foot on the clutch the engine would stall you would also get a grinding noise from the gear box.Mick UK
Driving a standard gets very old after awhile. Especially in rush hour traffic.

Somtimes when you hit the shifter while it can pop out of gear, but this usually only happens if your not giving it any gas. Normally it will just make a grinding sound and stay in gear.
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  • How hard is it to drive a manual?

    I have been driving for years but not manual. On auto. Anyone can explain if it is hard to change gears everytime in the road or something... :S

    and i focus too much in the road.How hard is it to drive a manual?
    It's not hard at all. You just have to practice. Take one day to your self and a friend to drive around the neighborhood, or a parkinglot with a stick. first thing you gotta remember is when you are coming from a stop, you need to give it a little bit of gas and let the clutch down very slowly. if your jerk the clutch into place without that much gas, it will stall. Once you get comfortable with your car, you will never stall it. it is important to master this step first before driving out on the real roads. if you stall in front of a lot of cars, it can be dangerous and embarassing.

    When you are highway driving you dont even think about shifting. just gotta clutch down, shift into a higher gear, clutch in. its very easy.

    you'll become a master in 1 week.How hard is it to drive a manual?
    Charles is exactly right, just takes some time to get the feel of it first. But I want to add that driving a manual is fun. Sometimes driving can be bland and boring but shifting and using the clutch makes it more stimulating. Shifting gears is easy, the hardest part is letting out the clutch when moving from a stop (especially on a hill). There is one piece of advice I'd like to share with you regarding letting out the clutch. When I was first learning, I was told to let out the clutch and gas evenly at the same time. This is not the best way to do it. You want to give the car an even amount of gas, THEN slowly let out the clutch (too fast will result in a jerky movement or stalling the car). You also don't need to push the clutch in all the way when shifting gears.

    One misconception with driving a manual is that you need to downshift all the time. Actually you don't really have to much at all, unless you're pulling into a side street. If you're slowing down to stop at a light you can just put the car in neutral and let it drift to a stop (also applying brakes).

    My first car was a 1990 Mustang GT with a manual. It had a touchy performance clutch, and everyone else that drove it stalled all the time and did jerky shifts. But it was my daily driver and soon I could drive it seamlessly.
    to add onto what charles was saying (because he is very right and i agree in every way)...

    when he says ';just go into high gear'; he doesn't mean go straight from third to fifth or sixth (sixth gear is for higher performance cars.) you have to shift thru them all. you'll understand once you drive one.

    something that NO ONE explained to me very well at all was the most important thing, the take off. first gear is a trickly little punk and will try to shut you down when ever it gets the chance. everyone will tell you ';just take the clutch out SLOWLY'; but thats only half right. take the clutch out slowly yes, but once you feel it catch (car starts to move) hold your foot on that spot and give it a little gas, as you start picking up speed then begin to remove the clutch more and more until your out of it entirely. the rest of the gears are easy as pie since your already moving. heck you could engage thrid from second and remove your foot frmo the clutch entirely without having to worry about anything before you give it any gas. this wears the transmission down faster though so just because its nifty, please abstain from such activities :) driving manual is GREAT. you can downshift (there is more than one type of down shift which IS different than when your coming to a stop and you shift all the gears back down to first. try wiki or google downshift) you can push start a manual so if your battery dies, just give it a push :) SOOO much fun stuff. i hope you know somebody who drives or has driven manual as these are things that are better understood when shown and not explained.

    oh and one more thing, just because you dont have to push the clutch in all the way once you get going it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to push it all the way down. it prolongs the life of the transmission. it is just a slight bit but wouldn't you rather replace your tranny at 83k miles and not 75k? (it usually needs replacing after 75k, especially if it is stock)

    How difficult is it to change gear ratio in Jeep wrangler?

    I recently did an engine conversion on my Jeep Wrangler YJ from the 2.5L I4 to a small block chevy 305 using a TH350 3 speed automatic tranny. The gear ratio is currently at 4.10:1 gears and at 55 mph i'm taching about 4000 RPM. What would be a good gear ratio to change to, and how difficult would it be to do.

    I do realize that I'll have to change the front and rear at the same time.

    Would it just be easier to get the axles out of an old wrangler YJ I6 with a 3.54:1 gear ratio?How difficult is it to change gear ratio in Jeep wrangler?
    A couple of things to condsider would be your choice in tire size. Your taching out now, do you have stock tires and are you going larger? If you have stock and put 35'; tires on, you'll probably be fine. What kind of activities do you have planned, street driving or a little offroading?

    Definitely worth it to have someone install ring and pinion for you, plus you can get some quality gears (Yukon).

    That all said...you will still need at least one new axle and NOT from another YJ. You will, more than likely, have a Dana 35 rear axle (also known as a ';turdy 5';) that will break the first time you give it some real gas (if you ever take it on a trail).

    If you plan on keeping to the street you will probably be okay for a while. Off road, you'll have a time bomb in your rear end...carry spare axle shafts (good news most people throw these out).

    Best places for gears (I've re-geared three jeeps and couldn't beat these prices): www.completeoffroad.com (I don't work for them or know them, just an extremely happy customer)

    Also check into the forums: www.wranglerforum.com and www.jeepforum.com

    Have fun!How difficult is it to change gear ratio in Jeep wrangler?
    Changing gears is a specialist and time consuming job.To buy the tools you'd need to do it properly would be a huge chunk of what it would cost to get them done. Swapping axles would be much easier.

    Mustang changing gears qestion?

    i heard if i get my gears changed in my mustang it will have better proformance note its a daily driver car i heard 4:10 gears will be best its an automatic car but im not sure will be the best kind of gears how much will it cost to have this done its a 2003 v6Mustang changing gears qestion?
    You;ll not be able to drive on the freeway for any length of time.

    Driving at the higher RPM all the time will kill your milage and shorten your engine life. Maintenance costs will increase since you'll need to change your oil more often.

    Not a prudent thing to do....Mustang changing gears qestion?
    you'll ruin a good Mustang and it still won't be as fast as a GT..
    By changing the gears you will see a performance change, what you are really doing is changing the RPM that your engine runs for a given speed.

    By installing 4:10 gears your driveshaft has to spin 4.10 times for every rotation of your axle / wheel.

    Your Speedometer will be off, unless it's corrected

    Your Gas Mileage will go down Considerably

    It will rev higher on the highway, increasing engine wear, and shortening its life span.

    Really not a great option for a daily driver

    4:10 can be and are run on the street, but not a great daily driver set up.

    I would suggest a free flowing exhaust and an Air Intake kit, if you are looking for a performance gain
    I put 4.30 gears in mine the cost was around 800 and my mileage on the freeway is now 21 it was around 24 with the original 3.45 gears

    You have a V-6 mine is a V-8 so you do the math but I would figure that you should get at least equal to what mine does. The RPM's are around 3000 at 85 MPH
    since its a 3.8 V6, I say don't do a thing to it!!!!!!!!!! just wait to sell it and trad it in for what you want. If you absolutely HAVE to do something to it to make it faster then I would do with a cold air intake , reprogram the engine, and aftermarket headers. however i don't know of any websites that sell these parts on the V6.
    Expect to pay around $700 for the parts and labor. Don't listen to the naysayers, gears are the best bang for the buck modification you can get. Gas mileage will go down a little, 1-2 MPG , but it's not a big deal. To get the speedometer and transmission to operate correctly, you can buy a tuner (about $350) or just have the car tuned at speedshop. You may also want to look into getting a Trac-loc unit for your rear axle.
    Yea i did 4.10's with my 96 gt auto. My car has 160k when i bought a new rear-end and gears haven't messed anything up. At 75-80 you should be at 3000rpm's. I do recommend getting ford racing gears as if you search some forums people have trouble with gear whine from other company's and normally ford racing tends to be more quite and require less shims etc.

    The thing is you have a 7.5 rear-end not an 8.8 like the v8's. So im not sure how stong that rear is. If the rpms seem too high for you just step down to 3:73's, if you were to go with 3.90's you might as well go with the 4:10's anyway.

    Change car into neutral pleeease help me!!!?

    I just lost my keys and i need to know how to put my 2003 Chevy Venture into neutral to get it into a different parking space. It is stuck in park and you need a key to change gears. Is there any way i can do this with out the key?..please help meChange car into neutral pleeease help me!!!?
    Short of disassembling the car, no, there isn't. This is a security feature, and it wouldn't provide much security if it could be easily circumvented.

    Your best bet is to obtain a new key from a Chevy dealership.Change car into neutral pleeease help me!!!?
    Neutral?! Get real
    um u can disconnect the shift cable at the trans and manually shift it into neutral....but that won't unlock the steering wheel......

    btw u can go to dealer with proof of ownership and get a new key will cost around $120 tho......

    also u can call a locksmith that has a programmer and he can come and make u a key.....but will cost u more than the dealer and agian will need proof u own the car.......good luck
    call a tow truck, they can either lift the rear wheels to pull the car or they can slide it up on a flatbed. From there you can take it to the dealer or locksmith or local garage. Do you have AAA? No cost with them, included with the yearly fee.

    good luck....

    What is a good super-sport bike for a beginner?

    I am in love with the super sport bikes. I love the CBR-RR's like the 600 and 1000, and the RC-51, and Yamaha R1. I have driven my cousin's dirtbike so in a way I do have some experience. What do you suggest. I am a quick learner and already know how to change gears.What is a good super-sport bike for a beginner?
    Just find a CHEAP bike to start out on. That way you can get past the scratch and dent phase of the learning process without to much in the way of $$$$$$. Then get your dream bike, usually after about two years of riding.What is a good super-sport bike for a beginner?
    A 600 would be a good bike to learn on, but do you really want to risk dropping a newer expensive bike? Try finding a used Kawasaki Ninja 250. You can usually pick one up for a little over a grand. After you get some experience on the seat you can all ways upgrade, and if you drop it your not loosing your azz in two ways.
    Sounds like you're ready to die. Start with something smaller, easier to handle on the road to build your experience. Do you have your license for the road? You really need to take the Motorcycle Safety Course, teaches you how to ride, helps reduce the insurance costs, and the offices use it as the road test for your license
    There isn't one.


    You drove a dirtbike and can change gears, but that is only a FRACTION of what you need to know to ride a supersport bike. Being a quick learner DOES NOT give you automatic ';permission'; to play Zip 'n Splat on the streets, Junior. ANYONE that thinks they are the exception because they ';learn fast'; is in for a rude awakening. For every person that says they did fine on a superbike, ask yourself why don't you hear from those that DIDN'T (and trust me, there are a LOT more of them).

    You learn quick? Then you should get a PERFECT SCORE on your MSF written AND practical tests when you take the class. You should also know that full gear is going to run you around $500 to $1000 on top of the cost of the bike. Without full gear, you're just another squid looking for Butt Jewelry.

    Your choice of bikes, while beautiful, are COMPLETELY impractical for a newbie. You can shift gears, but can you handle a tankslapper? Can you make slow turns with the handlebars at full lock? Can you speed shift? Can you drag a knee? Can you handle a bike trying to swap ends under hard braking? Can you turn, or is twisting the throttle the only trick in your book?

    What do you do when a patch of gravel appears halfway around a blind corner? How do you handle rain and high winds? Can you ride a sportbike when it's snowing? Do you understand that you are completely invisible to everyone else on the road?

    Until you have MASTERED dealing with all of the above and then some, you are NOT ready for a superbike, period.

    But you don't have to listen to me. Just mentally file this answer away, and when the day comes that you are 0.2 seconds away from a 100mph impact because you didn't know what you were doing, spend that time remembering that I Told You So.
    Go bikernoj you gave him twice the lecture I was going to. I have had three close friends and my father all die on bikes, and they were all VERY experienced riders. these young kids these days don't have a clue. I still ride, but I have 300,000+ miles under my belt and I save the ';joe racer syndrome'; for the track.
    I agree with other posters on this one, you've got pretty bad taste in bikes. You only like the one's that are sure to get you killed.

    Oh, so you've ridden your cousins 20 horsepower dirtbike?? Whoopee!!! And you know how to change gears too?? Fascinating.

    Seriously, the bikes you describe above have 90+ horsepower available at the flick of the wrist. That's nothing to mess around with. That, my boy...will get you killed.

    Start on something small. SMALL. Take an MSF rider course. That way you'll have a heads up on what exactly you're getting yourself into.
    you are taking a real beating here listen to the wise. there are so many things to learn take a class first you may be in for more than you think 30 rider 200000 miles
    I don't care how quickly you can learn something - a super-sport is not a bike for a beginner.

    Try a 250 or 500 Ninja first - if you like it, and don't wreck it for a few months, then maybe you're good enough to graduate to a ZX-6RR or something like that.

    I also suggest getting something older - that way, when you lay it down, you're not as pissed off and out of money as you would be if you laid down a brand new CBR.

    Think about this - it's not like riding a bike - ya know! It's not like you fall off and get right back on - if you fall off an SS bike, it may be the last time you fall off of anything. You may also think you know how to ride, but SS bikes are very ';touchy'; - hair-triggers, if you will. Ride one, and you'll know.

    I ride a Ninja 650R, and I wouldn't dream of getting on a GSX-R or a CBR 1000 yet. I've been riding steadily, and some distances for more than a year.

    I suggest that you think carefully about what you're doing, get some advice from someone who's over the age of 21 - someone who's been riding for a while, and get GEAR! Helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, etc.

    Be careful - especially on an SS - or you could quickly become a stain on the road.

    Good luck!
    For a beginner the new YZF R6 2006 is the best.
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  • Why is my TRANSMISSION acting wierd and what should I do?

    I took a road trip for thanksgiving and after several hours we stopped to eat. My car would not shift into reverse but it would shift into drive (automatic transmission ford escort 1997 130K miles). I opened the hood and saw transmission fluid on my battery etc that had been spewed out while I had been driving. I remembered that a few weeks earlier I had overfilled my transmission fluid and thought maybe some of the overfill was being thrown out.

    Anyways, I was able to get out and drive the rest of my trip and the transmission was always slow to shift and change gears.

    When I got to my destination, I let the car cool down and tried to test the transmission and it was able to shift into reverse again and work decently.

    Is it possible that a transmission filter is plugged? What is going on? Could I burn up my transmission by driving it home? Or would you suspect a cooling system for the transmission is plugged? How do I get home after the thanksgiving break with my car?Why is my TRANSMISSION acting wierd and what should I do?
    If you overfill your transmission it will NOT damage it or make it act funny. It will only vent out the extra and make a mess.

    Chack the dip stick and smell it. it should have kind of a sweet smell and be pink or red in color. if it stinks bad or smells burnt that is a sign of something coming apart inside.

    I would not try to drive it far without having it checked out.Why is my TRANSMISSION acting wierd and what should I do?
    Yes you overfilled your tran. Drain it completly and replace filter and gasket since your there already. This time add the appriopiate measure of transmission fluid.
    good luck dude, i was about to buy a cheap mazda until i called a specialist to see how much it would cost to replace the transmission... $2,000 bucks... change ur transmission if its last resort... check everything else before u make any big decisions like that %26gt;%26lt; or if u got money just buy a new car.. that'd be easier huh
    its possible that the overfill caused the trany fluid to foam up also causing the overflow.check the level and make sure it is proper now,a plugged filter on those usually made for poor start in first gear from a stop and erradic shifting,stop by a trany shop if you feel unsure,those are mazda transmissions and expensive to fix

    Does anyone fully understand what and how a semi-automatic transmission works and what the user has to do?

    What does the user have to do? Does the user HAVE to tell the car when to change gears? When stopping does the user have to maually put the car into 1st? Basically i want to know everything there is to know about semi automatic transmissions.Does anyone fully understand what and how a semi-automatic transmission works and what the user has to do?
    simple, semi automatic means it will be automatic unless you decide you want to shift gears, you have the option of shifting them yourself without the clutch, and you also have the option for it to shift itself thats what semi-automatic means its kinda automatic not fully automatic because you may shift them if you like, its just a automatic transmission that has a user intereface that permits you shift them, here is a link to everything to know about automatic transmissions http://auto.howstuffworks.com/automatic- basically a automatic transmission that permits you shift them if you wish toDoes anyone fully understand what and how a semi-automatic transmission works and what the user has to do?
    What is a semi-automatic transmission?

    I've only ever heard of automatic and manual transmissions and recently a few CVT's (continuously variable transmission).

    The first ';automatic'; transmissions, if you can really call them that, didn't operate quite like the ones today. You had to shift gears either going up or going down(can't remember which way) and the automatic transmission would handle the other direction. If you see Hydromatic Transmission - that's that.
    In a semi-automatic, you do have to switch the gears and when speeding up or slowing down. However, most SMGs, Sequential Manual Gearbox, have an automatic mode so you don't have to change the gears at all. The car will just be faster and quicker if you shift the gears manually. And of course there is no clutch involved, there is usually just paddle shifters or a lever on the center console.
    if im not mistaken all you have to do is tell it when to shift their should be a shifter button on the steering wheel.
    basically, all a semi automatic transmission is, is a manual transmission with no clutch. You still have to change gears manually, you just don't have to push in a clutch. The semi-automatic transmission does that automatically.
    basically you have the choice of when to shift yourself. The catch is it may not always shift when you want it to because it is programmed to shift only when it is safe to do so depending on many conditions such as temp, spped, load and rpm's. so it is exactly what it is called semi automatic

    Suzuki Katana GSX600F 93 clutch/gear change.!?

    Noisy and stiff gear change.

    A)... Changes gear fine when clutch cable is over tightened but I loose friction and thus reduced drive, so I am guessing there is no real issues with my transmission?

    Is that a correct 1st assumption?

    B)?If I slacken clutch cable (at lever) so I get good clutch engagement and no slipping, the gears CLONK and are sometimes very stiff to change. It almost breaks my heart to change it for fear of how rough it sounds whilst changing gears! clonk clonk every change!

    I either get good shift %26amp;reduce torque, or good torque and stiff shift?

    PN. Have changed oil/filter for as specified with no improvement.

    MISC....i have located the locking nut and center screw on the engine/clutch case. But what does it do that my adjusting the cable does not do?Suzuki Katana GSX600F 93 clutch/gear change.!?
    This is an internal clutch problem.Bad springs,worn clutch basket,worn friction plates or warped steel plates.I know I've answered this question before so here you go again.

    Katana GSX600F 93 clutch/gear change issue.!?

    Noisy and stiff gear change.

    A)... Changes gear fine when clutch cable is over tightened but I loose friction and thus reduced drive, so I am guessing there is no real issues with my transmission?

    Is that a correct 1st assumption?

    B)?If I slacken clutch cable (at lever) so I get good clutch engagement and no slipping, the gears CLONK and are sometimes very stiff to change. It almost breaks my heart to change it for fear of how rough it sounds whilst changing gears! clonk clonk every change!

    I either get good shift %26amp;reduce torque, or good torque and stiff shift?

    PN. Have changed oil/filter for as specified with no improvement.Katana GSX600F 93 clutch/gear change issue.!?
    That engine has an additional adjuster on the clutch lifter (where the cable attaches at the engine).

    Adjust it.

    Fully loosen the clutch cable at the handlebar lever.

    Loosen the lock nut at the lifter and turn the adjuster in, until it lightly seats against the push rod.

    Back the screw out 1/4 turn and tighten the lock nut.

    Tighten the cable at the handlebar lever leaving 4mm of free play.

    Free play is the distance the lever can be moved before pulling

    any tension on the cable.

    Bike problem-changing gears?

    I don't think theres anything wrong with the bike, although it is new so it may be a tuning issue.

    Its a 15 speed huffy, with 5 back gears and 3 front gears. The back gears change well enough, but the front hasn't work yet. When I try to change gears it just rattles until I set it back to low. Its a clicking gear changer, and it has about 20 clicks, so I really don't know where to put it for medium or high...what should I do to fix this, or how should I change gears with this model?Bike problem-changing gears?
    You need to have the forward derailer adjusted.
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  • Changing gears in a 2002 dodge ram 3500 4x4 diesel?

    i have 4.10 gears in my 02 ram 3500 4x4 diesel i am wanting to change them because i dont get much top end out of the truck and if im running 70 the truck is maxed out for RPM so someone was telling me to change them to a 3.54 gear ratio does this sound right? also the truck has a 6 speed manual trans in it and i dont wanna lose 6 gear. also where would be the best place to purchase these new gears? i dont use this truck to haul anything heavy or any big trailers so i know going down in gear size wouldnt hurt me for what im using the truck for. would this help me for fuel economy and if so how much better fuel economy do you think i would get? thanks!!Changing gears in a 2002 dodge ram 3500 4x4 diesel?
    if you do change those out,you know there's two sets of gears that have to be changed,front and rear,you will notice a slight change in the take off power of it,it will be different,on the highway though it will drop your rpm,s a slight bit,so you should gain a little on top end and mileage,if you ever pull a load though especially on the highway that may be where you,ll notice the change the most,good luck with it.Changing gears in a 2002 dodge ram 3500 4x4 diesel?
    you will be fine with 3.54 gears you shoulg try to get them at your local speed shop cause you dont want to buy them from the dealer cause the price will kill you just remember to change the both sets of gears front and back cause if you dont do both of them and you put it in 4wd you are looking for trouble cause the front tires and the back tires will be spinning at diffrent speeds

    Is clutch required or not in electric cars? And how to convert cars to electric?

    I've seen some converted to electric cars on the youtube, but i'm not sure that to use clutch or not. Some people haven't in their converted cars and the rest i'm not sure.

    And furthermore how did they converted automatic transmission. I think the automatic transmission requires some pressure pumps driven by the engine which by created pressure, change gears according to speed.

    can anyone give me a complete and professional advice.

    Thanks in advance.Is clutch required or not in electric cars? And how to convert cars to electric?
    While the torque characteristics of an electric motor do not require a clutch or a transmission they are often not taken out of a vehicle prepared for conversion. The main reason the transmission is left is to keep a reverse gear. Typically a reverse gear is a different ratio making it easier to go slower and the electric motor will not have to be reversed electronically. The speedometer is also often connected to the transmission. Keeping the clutch may make connections easier but the inertia of an internal combustion engine is more than that of the replacement electric motor. In many instances shifting the manual transmission may not require the clutch.

    The conversion process typically removes the engine, exhaust and fuel systems. The transmission is left in place as well as the associated bell housing and/or clutch if a manual transmission. An adapter plate is installed over the housing. The electric motor is installed and anchored to the frame. Batteries are positioned and installed in series and a motor controller is connected to the former gas pedal. Most modern batteries will benefit from a battery management system. Some method has to be provided to charge the batteries. One battery is often isolated to operate the 12 Volt electronics of the car: lights, horn etc. This will need its own charging circuit.

    The only pump for an automatic transmission but external to it might be a cooling fluid pump. Electric pumps for power steering or power brakes may be added if necessary.Is clutch required or not in electric cars? And how to convert cars to electric?
    Fully electric cars have no need for a clutch or typical transmission. Electric motors have variable power so you can drive the wheels directly.
    The reason that most cars have a transmission is because a internal combustion engine can only run efficiently over a narrow range of rpms while the wheels must turn at a wide range of rpms. An electric motor can efficiently run at any rpm so it can drive the wheels directly without a transmission. If a car does not have a transmission, it does not need a clutch.
    The transmission must be kept in a converted car because of the gear ratios that were used when it was powered by an ICE. I'll use my converted Mitsubishi pickup as an example. In 1st gear you can only go up to 15mph, but it only takes 150 amps to get it going. In 2nd gear, you can go up to 35 mph, but it takes 300 amps to get it moving from a stop. 3rd gear goes up to 55 mph but it takes over 400 amps to get it to move from a stop. In all cases, the amps go down as speed increases. So in the interest of conserving power, I normally start out in 2nd gear and shift to 3rd until the batteries are about half discharged. I then start off in 1st gear and shift to 2nd, then 3rd. As for the clutch, I decided not to use one because I didn't want the extra weight of the flywheel and clutch assembly. The transmission shifts fine without the clutch, but it takes an extra second or so to make the shift because of having to wait for the motor to slow down and the gears to mesh. Automatic transmissions are extremely inefficient in any case and should not be used in a conversion. Research the many conversion kit suppliers and visit evalbum.com to see the many different vehicle that can be converted. Also there are many good books that can be read to get information on doing your own conversion. See my truck at www.evalbum.com/2340

    What improvements does changing gears on a camaro gives?

    i have a 1996 camaro z28 and i have no idea what improvements will my car get if my change my gear into high performance gears like racing gears and etc, im trying to make my car faster and idk if changing gears will make any improvements on my car speed, thats why i want to know if changing my gears from stock to a high performance gear would make my car quicker? which kind of gears? and how much faster will my car go if i do change my gears.What improvements does changing gears on a camaro gives?
    you gotta decide if you want fast (top end) or quick (launch off the line). a lower gear (higher number) will make you quick out of the hole. a higher gear (lower number) will give you faster top end. if your running quarter miles definitely put in a lower gear.What improvements does changing gears on a camaro gives?
    Do not bother with gears unless the car has some serious upgrades elsewhere. Gear switching messes with your power ratio and turbos are often needed to fill that gap. Where gears add power, they lose power in another rpm range. It is a trade off that must be aided by other performance parts, including exhaust.
    Unless by changing gears you mean your rear end gear? It'll greatly improve acceleration but at highway speeds your RPMs will be higher than usual.
    3.73s or 4.10s would be ideal if you want off the line acceleratio and still top end speed.

    How do i correct my speedometer?

    im about to change gears in my 96 chevrolet blazer s10 4x4. i am currently running 3.08's on 31'; tires. i want to go to 3.73's in the front and rear(nothing wild). my speedo is off about 6-7 mph as of now so i know it'll be more after changing the gears. what do i need to do to get the speedo to read correctly with the new setup?How do i correct my speedometer?
    hi there!

    That speedometer is driven using an electronic sender in the transmission.

    The speed signal is then run thru a computer/ecu or a buffer.

    The speed signal then goes to the speedometer to run it.

    You MUST change the signal at the computer.

    This could be easy or complicated.

    Call 1 800 442 4491. this is Speedo-tach in Concord California.

    Ask for Kris Genter.

    He can more than likely calibrate your vehicle by sending you a drac/ecu with the correct ratio for your vehicle!

    Usually costs about $100.

    I have calibrated Many Many Chevys this way.

    I hope this Helps!

    Good Luck!How do i correct my speedometer?
    Mm not sure on the steps to take, but I know you can take it somewhere and get it calibrated.
    I know every thing went to OBDII in 96, so you might be able to get a programmer and adjust it that way.
    Pull the speedometer driven gear out of your transmission

    count the number of teeth on the drive gear

    use the following formula to determine the number of teeth needed on the driven gear

    # of teeth needed on driven gear=# teeth on drive gear*axle ratio*tire Revelations per mile/1001

    Tire Revelations per mile=20168/tire diameter in inches

    If you can't get a driven gear with the proper number of teeth on it you may need to remove the tail housing from the trans and replace the drive gear then start all over again
    After rear end swap. Use a GPS unite and drive vehicle. This will tell your actual speed and you can see how far the speedo is actually off. You can go to a GM Dealer parts department and they should be able to tell you what gears would be used in that combination. Your other choice if the speedo isn't off by to much. Is count the teeth on the driven gear and adding i tooth is = to 5 mph. You'll need to know if your speedo housing is a small bullet type or the bigger round one . Also take your vin to the parts department, they may need the last 8 of the vin. Hope this helps
    Change out your transmission speed odometer gear.From the dealer purchase the GREEN gear for your purpose.

    Why would my 2001 Honda Passport skip and hesitate when accelerating?

    When I accelerate it hesitates to change gears and move .. Meanwhile there is skipping in the rear of the vehicle and then will suddenly jump into gear and kick forward.. I was told it could be a vacuum hose or a modulator valve. If so how do I know what it is without possibly taking it to the mechanic and costing too much money.. Could it be the transmission ??? Someone help?Why would my 2001 Honda Passport skip and hesitate when accelerating?
    Get it diagnosed, that's an electronically controlled transmission so there shouldn't be a vacuum modulator valve on that transmission. Could be as simple as the filter is getting plugged, you could try draining the fluid, replacing the filter and refilling with fresh fluid. A place like Jiffy-Lube can do this too.Why would my 2001 Honda Passport skip and hesitate when accelerating?
    Save yourself the money and time spent throwing parts at it and get it professionally diagnosed.
    Sounds like your transmission. Look under the car for a hanging black vacuum hose.
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  • How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?

    How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine? I need to get the car out of my driveway without my parents knowing. The car is a Hyundai Elantra and I can't change gears without starting the engine...unless I'm doing something wrong? Can anyone let me know how to get the car out silently?How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?
    auto or manual?

    auto, just move selector into n and maybe rock the car to disengage the parking pawl

    manual, move lever away from any gear.

    dont forget to release the parking brakeHow do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?
    Some cars have a safety feature that your foot has to be on the brake in an automatic car before you can shift the gears. And the key will probably have to be in the ignition, and turned to the On position, not Start, put foot on brake, then move gear selector. If it doesn't work, I can't help you.

    Oh, yeah...one little thing....if you are rolling it down the hill, remember a non-running car has power brakes, and it will require HEAVY pressure on the brake pedal to even get it to engage some when it's not running, as it has no vacuum to power the power part. You may not have enough Umph to get it to stop. So, if you haven't stolen a car before, then you should be aware of this problem, before you crash thru the other side of the street. Which is very likely, judging by your actions. Let us all know what the repair bill costs later... LOL

    The Gremlin Guy
    My teenage daughter is not trustworthy sometimes and thinks her dad is stupid.I installed a hidden GPS recorder that tracks and records her every move.Her mother and I play it back and then quiz her about her activities.Sometimes she lies and thinks we don't know the truth.
    on some hyundai vehicle they have a little cap that looks like a screw cover you need to pop that out and then press the little button under it. that is if your vehicle has one.
    Parking brakes are mechanical not hydraulic so if you need to stop the car after it starts rolling just pull the parking brake. If the are maintained and properly adjusted they will stop the car no problem
    try putting the key in and turning it..not starting the car but starting the battery. put your foot on the break and put it in neutral.
    u need key to shift it...u might as well drive it...
    put key in ignation and unlock steering column then need to put foot on brake then shift to N. Remember car will be very hard to stop and to stear without engine running

    How long did it take you to learn how to drive a manual car?

    well just curious, im sixteen and wondering how hard it is to learn because i think its cool to change gears?How long did it take you to learn how to drive a manual car?
    about 5-10 minutes. I learned when I was 12 in a grain truck. That probably made it easier because you could let the clutch out with no gas applied and it wouldn't stall.How long did it take you to learn how to drive a manual car?
    About 10 minutes. Its not that hard really...Now to get good at it, I would say it took a week or so.
    30 mins. it was easy since I already knew how to drive an automatic. learning stick just too me some time getting used to catching the gear. just easy does it. once you start moving, you can release the clutch nice and easy. 1st gear is the hardest, once your out of that its smooth sailin'
    My dad took me out on a dirt road one Sunday afternoon.

    It only took about an hour including driving around looking for stop signs for more practice. That was almost 40 years ago.

    My daughter was driving with me one day, she said ';none of the other moms can shift as smooth as you';.
    You need to have the basics of driving down. Steer, brake and be able to control a car with out running into a wall.

    Find a large empty parking lot. A school lot on Sunday morning is great, but ask permission.

    Have the owner of the car show you the shift pattern, which is 1st, 2nd, third, fourth %26amp; maybe fifth gears and reverse.

    Have them show you several times, then have them get out of the car and go to the far end on the parking lot and sit down facing away from you.

    Have them give you an hour to practice and get the feel of the clutch. Take your time and remember you will stall the car lots of time before you get the hang of it.

    You can do this!

    Good Luck

    How do I become a psychologist in Canada as mature student?

    I am 40 years old, having earned my BA in Sociology more than 15 yrs ago, now looking to change gears altogether and return to school to become a psychologist. Do I get my MA, PhD, another accredited program? What is the most direct route?How do I become a psychologist in Canada as mature student?
    in order to get become a psychologist you first need an honors BA in psychology, you must then take the GRE's to apply for a masters, complete your masters, apply for a P.H.D and then complete the test required to get accreditation. In Canada you must have a PHD in psychology and be registered with the CPA in order to be called a psychologist. You could consider taking some college courses in counseling and work as a counselor.

    If i were you i would contact the psychology departments of some of the universities you are interested in applying at. Speak with one of their advisers who can provide you with more information. But i am sure you cannot get a masters in psych with a BA in sociology though they might let you take a few less courses than the 40 credits (4 years worth) normally required for a BA, because some of your old courses may be counted as electives. You should really talk to someone from the university you are interested in attending.

    How much will a slave or master cylinder cost to get fixed on a 1993 Honda Accord??

    Clutch pedal stays down when I step on it. Can't change gears when that happens. I was told that it may be the slave or master cylinder!How much will a slave or master cylinder cost to get fixed on a 1993 Honda Accord??
    拢600 quid approx, my dad specialises in these parts.

    How to cut the bike chain short ?

    The chain of my bicycle seems to be too loose, so it can drop down when I change gears. I want to cut the chain short, but I have never done this before, any good suggestions ?How to cut the bike chain short ?
    first see if you can move your rear wheel back a little more. Many times this inch or two will make a differance, and it's an easy solution. If this does not work, go to your local bike shop and buy a chain breaker for under $10. Rivoli is the best. The shop should be happy to show you how it works.

    Good luckHow to cut the bike chain short ?
    Yah that's right. The chain links have side pieces that U can move. They should snap out of place w/a flat screwdriver, and U can remove some of the links. Sometimes on larger chains, only one link can be taken off like a master link and then U can take the others off....
    there is a master link on a chain that you can pop and then tighting it
    first you might need to adjust your wheel to tighten chain,but if its still to loose you need to buy a link remover, and a joiner,remove the required number of links,if unsure do one at a time you cant put back if you remove to many then re join chain with joiner,or take to cycle shop and they will do it for you
    there is a special tool to seperate the links..and then use the master link to connect the chain when you have finished removing links..or try loosening the real wheel..and pull the wheel to tighten the chain.
    These clowns are all WRONG you must take a minimum of 2 links out because they overlap you lay the chain on its side and grind off two mushroomed or peen-ed heads down flat then put the chain in a vice and poop off the side then the links will separate a chain breaks in not needed because you will probably never need it again. And always wear SAFETY GLASSES!!
    remove the chain. Take of the segments u want amd adjust and then fitt


    I agree with ribbed and gary. Try moving the wheel back first to tighten it up. If you can't move it back far enough to take the slack out of the chain, get a chain breaker tool. Take the chain apart at the master break first. Sometimes there is more than one master break link. You'll know that link because it will look different than all of the rest of the links. I believe the one guy is right that you have to remove two links at a time, but not totally sure. It's been a while since I've had to break a chain. Normally, you have to do it on something like a chainsaw.
    Get some wire cutters from Home Depot or Lowes. Then have them welded. Heck, just take it to your local bike shop okay! It'd save you lots of trouble and yes, it's possible! Good luck!
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  • What bike would be a good starter bike for a somewhat experienced rider ?

    I am almost 17, I have a decent amount of experience with motorcycles and I wanted to know if I could start with a GSXR-600, I have good throttle control and I know how to change gears well, I like the 250 but I don't think is going to be much fun after a couple of months,considering I drove a 1999 GSXR-400 with a passenger and had a decent amount of power, I believe 60HP.What bike would be a good starter bike for a somewhat experienced rider ?
    In my state you would be restricted to 250cc for a year. That's a good idea, it keeps people from jumping on 600cc sports bikes before they have sufficient experience.What bike would be a good starter bike for a somewhat experienced rider ?
    if you want something to blast about on id look at a honda vfr 400.handle a dream and do about 130mph.

    everyday use but a little boring honda cbf600 these bikes go forever and last years.

    or if you got the cash 2004 r6 will do you for a while.
    almost 17... decent amount of experience..

    ridden a GSXR-400..... %26amp; with a pillion..

    what else could there be to learn???

    Your still a beginner.. %26amp; the 600cc sports bikes are not for newbies.

    you like the 250cc bike.. then get that one.. if you get bored after a few months.. your not riding it correctly..

    Ive owned 250cc bikes for years %26amp; still have fun on them..

    but when you have an idea how to ride you will want something bigger.. but by then the chances of you becoming a donor will be less
    The GSX-R 600 would probably be a good bike for you to get. I went from a 125 dirt bike to a GSX-R 750. The nice thing about the gsxrs is they have different setting for rain and dirt roads where you will only get about 60% of the bikes full power. Using this setting you could start out in mode C (60% power) and when you got used to that move up to mode B (80% power) and then finally to mode A(100% power).

    How do you drive a Standard Automatic car?

    I just got a 2007 pontiac g6 gt. You can either drive it in automatic or switch to standard. I want to drive in standard but i dont know how to drive it that way. At what point in the speedometer do i change gears? There are only 4 gears. I dont want to shift gears at the wrong time. Anyone who can help me out, i would appreciate it.How do you drive a Standard Automatic car?
    If you don't want to ruin your transmission and blow several hundred dollars don't try ti teach yourself how to drive a stick shift. Find a friend who knows how and have him take you to say a school parking lot when there are no cars and have him show you how. In a couple of hours you should have it down pat. The only other people you may find there with you will be some fathers teaching their kid how to drive. Good luck.How do you drive a Standard Automatic car?
    its actually called ';semi-automatic';. its basically an automatic transmission, but with the added bonus of being able to change gears when you like, as you've said.

    there should be paddle shifters on the steering column. when you wanna go to a higher gear, you press the right paddle, when you wanna downshift, you press the left paddle.

    you should shift early to save fuel. you have to look at the tachometer, not the speedometer when changing gears. most the time, you should change around 3000-4000 rpms, depending on the car. but lets say your cruising on the highway at around 2000 rpm and you need extra power to pass someone, you should downshift so your rpm's go up. this helps because you will have more power in the higher rpm range, so you can accelerate faster to pass. also, make sure you don't redline the engine if your doing this. redlining once won't do much, but if you do it often, it can cause some damage.
    We have a 2005 malibu V6 which is built on the same SAAB chassis.

    Our car has the Automatic with Manual shift mode. It is easy to use.

    on your dash you have PRNDL shift position indicators, to shift into manual shift mode press the front of the floor shift lever and move the shift lever into the ';L'; position. On the dash the number 1,2,3,or 4 will appear to the right of the L on the dash, this will indicate what gear you are currently in. use the toggle +/- switch on the left side of the gear shift handle to manually shift gears.(+ =up, - = down)

    In manual shift mode you will determine when you shift gears, but the transmission will not shift up to OD until speed and RPM's allow you to do so.

    Manual shift mode will allow you shift at higher RPMs and run in a lower gear. Care must be use to avoid loss of control or mechanical problems while running in manual shift mode. It can cause higher maintenance costs. and if it leads to reckless driving and speeding it can lead to an accident or tickets.

    (but it can also be more fun)
    I dont think it is possiable to over rev it. If the rpms get too high it should switch to the next gear by its self. Drive with it in auto first and see where is shifts at do this for normal driving and hard driving. Ive drove many manuals in my day and i dont need a tach all you need to hear is the sound of the engine.

    How does a manual transmission work?

    What exactly does the clutch do and what is the correct way to change gears?How does a manual transmission work?

    There are a few sites out there that will tell you how, but I think the easiest way to learn is to just find someone who has a manual and beg them to teach you!

    Good luck!

    How much does it cost to replace a clutch on a 2005 saturn?

    It fills like the clutch is slipping or something when I change gears I can put the clutch down but it has problems moving now. The car has less than 40000 miles on it.How much does it cost to replace a clutch on a 2005 saturn?
    It will cost you approx. $600.00 for parts and labor.How much does it cost to replace a clutch on a 2005 saturn?
    I got my clutch changed on my Probe Gt for 300 dollars and i bought the clutch for 180, so 480 but on saturns probbly lookin at $700-1200 Dollars, Unless you know people or know how to do it your self.

    How to make Gear Changing smooth?

    I have a BMW 325i cabriolet (e46) 2001. The gear changing is not really bad but I would prefer it to be allot smoother. I heard you can get a short shifter however I honestly don't know if it will make it smooth or just make it short to change gears.

    I heard you have to get the gearbox changed however I really disagree.

    The gears feel clunky however they are fully operational.

    Any comments will be appreciated and please no dumb comments saying I shouldn't be driving stick. Why not optimise my car if I have the money?How to make Gear Changing smooth?
    A short shift kit will reduce the distance you have to move the gear stick when you change gear. It will not make the change any smoother.

    Normally if the gears are clunky the first thing to check is the function of the clutch, if it is not fully disengaging you will have a clunk when you change gear.

    Ja.How to make Gear Changing smooth?
    A short shifter will make gear changing smoothly more difficult but it is still doable if you practice and have the right aptitude. All it does is make the distance you move the lever shorter and it is possible to fit them to a lot of cars without changing the gearbox.

    Sorry to have to say this but if the clutch and gearbox are ok then its the thing sitting at the steering wheel that is not working right. Try different changing techniques and try to get the engine and road speed matched when you move to a new gear.
    First, get clutch adjustment checked, next oil level and type that is in transmission, finally get in car in neutral and start it, listening for noise coming from transmission..push in clutch and hold...is it NOTICEABLY quieter...if so may need some internal work done. Hope this helps.
    I think you should think of having the clutch clearance adjusted unless you have an automatic adjuster. This gives the correct clearance between the clutch plate and the engine flywheel. Failure to adjust it can lead to a worn clutch as it could be in constant contact with the flywheel iinstead of having a clearance.
    A 'short shifter' wouldn't improve the quality of gearchange, and the gearbox shouldn't be clunky on a BMW.

    Get a second opinion - have someone else try driving the car, and see if they have a problem; it may just be the way you're driving.
    Have you tried doubling the clutch, clutch in to take it out of gear, then clutch in to engage a gear (and that is with every gear)
    dont chance your shifter check the oil in the gearbox it may have the wrong oil in it
    Maybe it's the clutch you should be looking at and not the gearbox.
    Check the box oil...
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  • Engine with gears but no clutch?

    how do bikes (moped) have gears from 1 to 4, but it does not have a clutch that's required to operate for gear changing. How does the engine change gear without the need of clutch mechanism?

    bikes is less than 250ccEngine with gears but no clutch?
    Most use a centrifugal clutch. Older Hondas (CT) had a clutch but it was activated by the shift lever when you shifted and did not have a separate lever.Engine with gears but no clutch?
    They actually use centrifugal clutches, These clutches work automatically through the use of centrifugal force.

    How can I prolong the life of my car's manual gearbox?

    I've been driving automatic for a long time now. But I'm back on the stick shift. I still know how to drive manual, but I'm not quite sure which habits are good and which are bad. For example:

    1. When you're about to stop and you are currently in a high gear, is it ok to let your car slow down while being in neutral and using your car's momentum to go forward or must it always be changed to a lower gear until you come to a complete stop?

    2. Do you always have to put the clutch pedal all the way down until it cant go any further to change gears or can it be almost all the way down but still allows you to change gears? Will it damage the clutch doing this?

    3. Is it alright to be on 5th gear while doing 30mph/48 kph just to save some petrol?

    Any other tips to reducing the amount of damage done to the clutch, the gear box etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!How can I prolong the life of my car's manual gearbox?
    yes it is perfectly fine to roll to a stop in neutral. while illegal in the states there is nothing wrong with it. the gears dont have any force on them that way and are just free spinning. downshifting will increase clutch wear but not enough to notice. i downshift excessivly hard in my car and it doesnt hurt it at all but its not recomended for those wishing to expand the life of their tranny. besides brakes are much cheaper than cluches!

    the answer to your second question depends on your belief as pushing the pedal all the way down or just enough to shift put the same amount of wear and tear on a cluch it really doesnt matter. the only thing i can say here is that only pushing it far enough to change gears allows for a quicker smoother shift. fully disengaging the cluch takes more time and may cause the engine speed to drop too far making a jerk when re-engaging the clutch. but if you can work the throttle correctly this is eliminated. also if you give it too much throttle before re-engaging the clutch the engine speed will be too high and will cause the vehicle to jerk clashing the gears in the drivetrain. the important thing is to remember to make the shift smooth. as long as this is acheived your tranny will last longer. learn where the engine speed should be in relation to the gear your shifting to from the engine speed before the shift.

    with the prices of the push juice now days you would be crazy not to want to get better gas milage. its perfectly fine for the tranny the real strain is in your engine if the rpm's are too low and your engine is struggling to keep up.

    main thing in clutch upkeep is dont ride the clutch and make smoothe shifts. with this your clutch will last longest. a clutch has a relatively long life as most people dont keep their cars long enough to replace their clutch. ive been riding on a worn out clutch for three years giving it h*ll and it still holds just fine. i dont notice a difference from the first time i drove it to the last.

    also check your owners manual for recomended tranny fluid type and change intervals. its a good idea to follow the guidlines in the manual so the fluid doesnt breakdown and cause excessive wear in the gear box. all mechanics will recomend that you use dextron III automatic tranny fluid for all trannys auto or manual.

    hope this helps,

    conradHow can I prolong the life of my car's manual gearbox?
    1. yes it is alright to be in nuetral because there is no more transfer (or any poor transfer atleast) going the shift plates. so their will be no wear.

    2.if u want to absolutely have the trannsmission last as long as possible.. ALWAYS push it all the way down. this makes it so the clutch is completly dissengaged.. and the 2 plates are not rubbing together even partway.. saving your clutch and it wont skip either (make some small contacts) which would shove alot of torque through the tranny.

    3. it should be fine.. your trading torque for rpms.. and aslong as you dont ride the clutch at all.. you should be fine.

    Using a bike with gears?

    Ok well I don't understand how to do this! Is it just like a cars gears? Do you keep pedalling as you change gear or freewheel? Why does my bike make scary clicking noises when it's in certain gears?Using a bike with gears?
    It is just like the gears in a car. The human body is efficient only over a fairly narrow range of pedal rotation speeds, called cadence. The purpose of the gears is to keep you in that range. You do need to keep pedaling to change gears. It's best to be pedaling ';lightly,'; moving the pedals but not as hard as you would be during normal riding.

    HTHUsing a bike with gears?
    One has to keep pedalling while chaging gears
    Yes, you need to keep pedaling to change gears. The derailleur lifts and moves the chain from one gear to another.

    Regarding the ';scary clicking noises'; your derailleur or derailleurs are out of adjustment.

    Type in ';derailleur adjustment'; into Youtube.com.

    Lots of videos explaining the process of adjusting the derailleurs.

    Bicycles are made to be worked on with very few specialty tools. And a quality bicycle requires less maintenance than the department store bicycle. The quality components stay in adjustment so much longer. Lube the chain once a week and check the true of the wheels about once a month. With the wheels on the truing stand I also check the condition of the tires.

    PS to reduce flat tires to a minimum, I air up the tires each time I ride.

    The gear changing thing on my Honda broke. Can I fix it or do I need a mechanic?

    I drive an automatic car and the top part where you press down to change gears broke. I feel like I can fix it and it doesn't seem like a big problem, but don't know how. Help me please! I drive a 98 Honda Accord.The gear changing thing on my Honda broke. Can I fix it or do I need a mechanic?
    if its just the shift knob it comes off quite easily. there are two screws on the sides of the gearshift know about 1'; up from the bottom of the knob. take the two screws out and it lifts up.

    the button you push in has a spring behind it. when you taket the knob out the push button should just pull out. there is a tab on the bottom that has to go in the lower channel of the knob before you can push the knob and spring back in when you replace it. you can replace the knob, the spring or the button. the new shift knob just pushes down onto the collar and you lock it in place with the screws.

    hope that answers your questionThe gear changing thing on my Honda broke. Can I fix it or do I need a mechanic?
    I guess you didn't like our answers. I still say you can't do it.
    I am confused press down to change gears take it a shop

    I got a 125M Honda 3-wheeler on a trade and I'm not sure how to switch gears. I press on the peddle but ,?

    it doesn't seem to change gears. If I am going up any slight incline, it barely will go. I have no 'how-to' manuel or previous 3-wheeler experience. Oh,, yeah,, I'm a girl. Please help and Thanks! marilynI got a 125M Honda 3-wheeler on a trade and I'm not sure how to switch gears. I press on the peddle but ,?
    The gear lever should be under your left foot.

    Pull in the clutch with your left hand.

    Push the gear lever to the bottom. Tap it a few times to get it into the lowest gear.

    Release the clutch lever and roll on the throttle.This is 1st gear.

    Pull clutch and lift gear lever firmly. Should now be in 2nd.

    Pull clutch and lift gear lever. Should now be in 3rd

    same for 4th and 5th.

    Neutral should be between 1st and 2nd. Put 3-wheeler in 1st and gently lift on the gear lever until it barely moves. You should be in neutral. If you release the clutch and it tries to move you accidentally put it in 2nd. Go back to 1st and try again. Be patient. You will get it with a few tries.

    Good luck!I got a 125M Honda 3-wheeler on a trade and I'm not sure how to switch gears. I press on the peddle but ,?
    Lift up on the ';pedal'; on the left to switch to a higher gear, down for lower. Have fun!
    I had a 1983 Honda 3 wheeler 185 very similar to the one you have. These things are very tricky if you dont know what you are doing with the shifter. Every Motorcycle, atv that I have owned had the same pattern for the Shifter just as the answers you have already gotten state. The shifter is at your left foot. Most all bikes atv's etc the shift pattern is all the way down in gears is first. Up one click is neutral, up one more is second, and so on. Yours has no hand clutch so we will not worry about that. ON THE OTHER HAND::::On your particular atv it is ALL TOTALLY OPPOSITE AND BACKWARDS of what the other posters have informed you of. First gear is all the way up as many clicks at you can get the shifter to go. Then one click down is neutral, then one more down is second, and so on until you get into the highest gear (4th or 5th I cant remember). Try this and you should be in business. Unless you own or have owned one of these you wouldnt know that the shifter is totally oposite of everything you have ever ridden. If you still cant figure it out let me know...Trust me I done the exact same thing you were doing. You are going all the way down in gears which is starting you out in 4th or 5th gear. That is why it wont go or has any power...
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  • How to change gear in daf xf95 zf 16 speed box?

    Hi i just boot truck Daf 430 xf 95 i don';t now how to change gear in zf 16 speed gear box How to change gear in daf xf95 zf 16 speed box?
    Its a double shift box

    push the button down and push the

    lever to the left that will give you the first 8 gears

    using the lever as a 2 speed box

    then pull the button up and the lever to the left then go back to what was first gear,

    this will give you the other 8 gears, using the same method

    hope you understand, it sounds complicated but is really easy..How to change gear in daf xf95 zf 16 speed box?
    Each gear has a split to give you half a gear small button on gear lever.You start with gear lever pushed over to the left and have standard 1 forward 2 back 3 forward 4 back shift stick to neutral pull gear lever to the right which shifts into high range then you have 5 forward 6back 7 forward 8 back so with the split you have 16 gears.Never hold the gear lever in 7 when pulling up an incline as it fu*ks up the 3/7 syncro in no time

    General Gears On Cars, Help Needed! Easy Question For Drivers!?

    Hiya, how do you use gears ?

    Really strange ( and stupid )

    But I will be taking my test next year, haven't started driving yet but no-one will tell me!

    I basically want to know :

    1) When and why you change gear.

    2) How easy is it to learn and understand them

    3) How do you know when to change gear

    Thank-you, I will choose a best answer in around 24 hours so you get your points.General Gears On Cars, Help Needed! Easy Question For Drivers!?
    If you're driving an automatic, it chooses for you.

    If you're driving a stick shift, you change gears when the RPM's get too high. When you put it in gear and press on the gas, the engine rev's up. Each gear is designed to make you go faster than the previous one - most cars have 5. So, when you feel like your engine is revving too high to stay in that gear (usually 2/3 of the redline value), you switch gears to the next gear. Then when you slow down, you may need to downshift so the engine RPM doesn't get too low and stall.

    I don't know your experience with cars, so ';RPM'; means the number of rotations per minute that the engine goes through.

    I'd say it's really easy to learn with practice, but I know i'd never let anyone learn on my car - so findong a car to learn on might be hard. If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me at DrewDude320i@gmail.comGeneral Gears On Cars, Help Needed! Easy Question For Drivers!?
    You change gear as the speed of the car alters,it will come naturaly to you.You will know by the sound of the engine and by the feel of the car as you accelerate and as you brake you select a lower gear to match the lower speed

    Is a 2001 raptor 660 have gears?

    i was about to buy a yamaha raptor 2001 660cc and i just wanted to know is it is gear before i buy it,if it is gear how do u change gear?also is it hard to learn how to do gears? ,because im use to automatic and semi automatic.Is a 2001 raptor 660 have gears?
    Most of your sport atvs are manuals, meaning you have to engadge a clutch in order to shift, a semi auto is also a manual you just don't have a clutch to engage. It'd be the same as using a semi auto only you have a clutch lever, whenever you want to shift you pull the lever and click your shifter, easy as that, don't worry so much about when to shift and all that you'll know when to do that after you ride them for a while. Just don't downshift when doing at a super high speed and you'll be fine. You cannot change it from being a manual to an auto. The raptors are all manuals, so you'll have to shift with a clutch but it's something good to learn especially if you ever want to ride a dirt bike. I say buy the 660 they are a fun fast atv and you'll do fine with the shifting just don't think about it so much.

    How does misusing a gear box damage a car?

    I bought a car and it works really well. For the passed month now and again I change gears very lighyly when driving and the stick goes in neutral on a high speed and makes a screech noise. I have now started applying more pressure to avoid this.

    What damages have I done to the car by doing this now and again?How does misusing a gear box damage a car?
    Why do you care?How does misusing a gear box damage a car?
    hmmmm this sounds like there is a serious issue with the detents that hold the stick in place with the forks, what is most likely happening is the forks have shifted slightly and are rubbing against another gear causing the squeel, or causing the synchros to misalign. probably not a good thig:)
    I think you are talking about the tranmission right ajust your leagan sound like you have sinernicer are going out spelling is bad More pressure help to keep on keeping on

    Learning to drive, changing gears?

    Hi, i have just started learning to drive a manual car (UK). I keep making the car jerk when i change gears (more jerk in the lower gears, probs some technical reason for this). Could someone explain to me how to change gears properly without jerking or some advice? I feel like i wont get the hang of it.

    Is this is a common problem for learners or just me?

    ThanksLearning to drive, changing gears?
    just like learning to ride a bike.practice,practice,practice.Learning to drive, changing gears?
    oh god, i don't think i could even attempt to drive a stick shift. good luck with that
    Its a common problem that will go away with time. Try to release the clutch and press the gas easily.
    Thgis is a very common problem, and I did it when I was learning too. you are just letting out the clutch too fast. Both your feet need to move in opposite directions at the same pace. The speed your left foot is letting off the clutch is the spped your foot should be giving gas. Let off the clutch much slower and you will gett a smoother clutch engagement... I.E. not jerkyness.
    Everybody goes through it.That's just part of learning to drive a stick shift.Keep at it, you'll get the hang of it.
    Go easy on the clutch. Let is out slow and easy. Once you have the hang of where it needs to be then you will be able to do it faster. That is important. Let the clutch out slow. Also you might want to give it just a tiny bit more gas.
    Try applying and releasing the pedals smoothly and evenly, once you get it working smoothly it'll get faster.
    Practice, my young friend. Ease that foot of the clutch. It takes time, but after a while you'll be smooth as silk. If you're lurching between 3rd and 4th gear, you are definitely yanking your foot off the clutch tooooo fast. Also, don't ride the clutch. That means in-between shifts your resting your foot on the clutch. It's just not good for your clutch system.
    Common problem for learners.

    As you learn, start off by completely releasing the accelerator when you're ready to shift up into the next gear at the same time you're disengaging the clutch. Ideally, you want the RPM to drop to, or just above, idle when you've engaged the clutch again.

    Obviously, that's not the way you want to enter the M1. Drive the car for a while, and get used to what it's power to speed ratios are, learn the sound, learn the feel. Learn when to and when not to shift, and how to accelerate smoothly.

    Driven well, a standard transmission moves along as smoothly as an automatic.

    Very common for beginners.

    What you should do is release the clutch pedal as slow as possible especially in the first gear while slowly stepping on the accelerator pedal. You will get the hand of it, you will just have to practice more.

    When changing gears, ease on the accelerator pedal while depressing the clutch pedal and at the very same time shifting to the next higher or next lower gear . Once you've changed the gear release the clutch pedal smoothly. If accelerating then press on the accelerator and on you go.

    Braking and engine braking is a new topic altogether.
    Practice practice practice.

    Don't feel bad...it's a normal part of learning to drive a manual shift. It can't really be explained what to do since it's a matter of coordinating both your feet on the clutch and accelerator. It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it...and months before it was perfected.
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  • How to change gear ratio?

    I have a 1980 chevy k20 4speed. The 1st gear has a low gear..is there any way to put new gears in and stretch the gears out. I was also wondering how can you increase your top speed, can you change your final drive ratio?How to change gear ratio?
    Does it have a manual or automatic transmission? For most Chevy transmissions, it is possible to adjust the gear ratios but first gear is low for a reason, especially in a truck.

    If you are looking to increase top end, you might be able to swap out to a later model transmission with overdrive, but if the transmission is not in need of repair, it would probably be a little easier/cheaper to change out the ring and pinion gear to lower ratio gears.

    Driving lessons changing gears?

    Ok im into my 6th lesson driving but im needing a little help, only sometimes can i hear the rev of the engine indicating to change gear, but I was told of a different technique on how to change gears and its to do with ur speed but i cant remember exact I think its

    1st gear 0-10 mph

    2nd gear 10-25mph

    3rd gear 25-????

    can any of you help by telling me what mph i need to be at to change to 4th and 5th?Driving lessons changing gears?
    It is different on different cars so no one will be able to tell you that. get your instructor to help you - that is what you are employing and paying him/her to do.Driving lessons changing gears?
    Looking at the speedo to determine the gear is a bit dangerous. You should be looking what's ahead. You will learn from the sound and feel.
    I always do it by

    0-10mph 1st gear

    10-20mph 2nd gear

    20-30 3rd gear

    40-50 4th gear

    and 50 + 5th gear

    however, if you hear the engine indicating you to change then do it as the above is just a guide.

    Driving lessons changing gears?

    Ok im into my 6th lesson driving but im needing a little help, only sometimes can i hear the rev of the engine indicating to change gear, but I was told of a different technique on how to change gears and its to do with ur speed but i cant remember exact I think its

    1st gear 0-10 mph

    2nd gear 10-25mph

    3rd gear 25-????

    can any of you help by telling me what mph i need to be at to change to 4th and 5th?Driving lessons changing gears?
    You should keep your revs low to save fuel and produce the least amount of carbon emmisions. In order to keep revs low you should change up a gear as soon as you can. Older cars might need leaving in a lower gear for slightly longer to build up power, but newer cars you can usually do 1st 0-10mph, 2nd at 10mph, 3rd at 20mph, 4th at 30mph, and 5th at 40mph. Try it %26amp; watch the revs!Driving lessons changing gears?
    every gear gets about 10 to 15 mph in it except 1st. 1st gear is about the first 10.

    so for example

    1st 0 -10 mph

    2nd 10 - 20 or 25 mph

    3rd 25 - 40 or 45 mph

    4th 45 - 60 or 65 mph

    and if there is a 5th 65 - 70 or 85 mph.

    Apart from gear changing, what is the purpose of the clutch and how do you use it?

    I've had a few lessons and I get that I need to press it when I change gears, that bit makes sense to me

    However, I am confused with how and what it does for the rest of it, and what I need to do?

    Like whenever I start, I have to press the clutch and the gas pedal?

    And the whole clutch up too much or down too much or something and it rolls and at a certain point it just stays still? Can someone explain please?Apart from gear changing, what is the purpose of the clutch and how do you use it?
    Imagine if you will, two plastic CDs , take one in one hand and another in your other hand.

    Insert one CD AGAINST the other and pressing until a turning force can be exerted from one CD to the other.

    the energy implied to one CD has now exerted a force upon the other and you have created a hand made clutch.

    Hence the force generated by a cars engine is transmitted to the gearbox via a clutch.

    The transmission is engine,clutch, gearbox, the clutch being spring loaded to return to the engaged position when the foot releases the pedal.

    The purpose of the clutch is to disengage the engine from the gearbox allowing the gears to be selected when the correct ratio of engine speed to road speed has been aligned correctly for the conditions that the vehicle is facing; I.E. up hill slog or a down hill controlled movement or indeed any other road condition which may require a gear change.

    Gear changes are made to reduce the load on the engine and increase efficiency.Apart from gear changing, what is the purpose of the clutch and how do you use it?
    The clutch disengages power from the engine to the transmission so that you can change gears without ending up with little metal shavings everywhere and damaging your vehicle.

    To start your vehicle, you do not hold the gas. You press the clutch all the way in and turn the ignition, thats it. It is difficult for a motor to start when it is already doing work while it is starting, So vehicles wont let you start unless the clutch is in.

    Yes, if the car is in first gear and you are at a stop, at a certain point when releasing the clutch your car will move slowly forward without having to give any gas. Many people refer to this as the catching point in the clutch. It is at that point in the clutch where you should have some bit of gas on while releasing or you will cause bouncing, stalling etc...

    If you are on a hill, the car will always roll while the clutch is engaged. Since there is no power being transferred from the motor to the transmission, the wheels will freely move whichever way gravity pulls the car untill power transfer starts.
    You have to have the clutch/break in to start the car (not the gas), but aside from that it is only used for shifting up/down gears.
    the clutch is used to seperate the engine from the transmission. when you have the clutch in, no power is going to the wheels. when you start, you let the clutch out and give it gas so you can move without stalling.

    Not changing gears on my 1995 Mazda 626?

    I put in in park and but it stayed in neuteral, I moved the shifter up and down, then it wouldnt move from P.

    No previous transmission problems, tranni oil is clear, only 78000 miles. The shifter feels like its loose, no noise, smoke nothing, driving fine then boom.

    What could it be and how much to fix? Thank you.Not changing gears on my 1995 Mazda 626?
    Maybe the cowl which allows the transmission to shift out of park is broke. The cowl is usually located in the steering wheel.

    Your shifter cable may have called it quits as well. Take it to a mechanic - the parts shouldn't be too expensive (no more than $100 for both).Not changing gears on my 1995 Mazda 626?
    alot and if your having trouble shifting only into park, then you have a parking brake problem. The boom you mentioned though sounds like your gonna need alot more work on your car now though. Flip it perhaps? Or did we drop the transmission? Or maybe grind one the gears in the tranny to dust?
    transmissions go out. they get old. Transmissions can be fine one day and then the next you'll get in and there will be nothing there. I know from experience. In every used vehicle I have ever had my husband has had to change the transmission. And we've had 5 used vehicles in two years. If you aren't that mechanically smart, get it to a repair shop and have it checked out. There is only so much a person over the internet can tell you.
    This is the most awesome auto site on the web. Try the repair /

    troubleshooting section for your year and model. They tell you what might be wrong, and how to fix anything that is. They also

    sell parts, and you can get a good idea if a shop is ripping you off

    on parts prices if you can't do it yourself. Good luck!

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  • My bike will/wants to switch gears while im riding it. Why?

    I had all the cables replaced a few months back. Ive done a few hundred miles... when im riding it will start to change gears.. How can I fix this? Its a older K2 proflex. thanks My bike will/wants to switch gears while im riding it. Why?
    The new cables have stretch and need adjusted. Watch this tutorial, towards the end it will tell you how to adjust it.

    http://bicycletutor.com/adjust-rear-deraMy bike will/wants to switch gears while im riding it. Why?
    Sounds like you have an automatic shifter.. Take it back and demand that you get a manual transmission.
    Very likely, the new cables have stretched a little and need readjusting. This is quite normal, though many mechanics will attempt to stretch the cables after installation to prevent this.
    This is normal after installing new cables. After installing new cables they wear in and stretch some, a simple fix is to make the adjustment using the barrel adjusters.

    Here is a link to help you with the adjustments.

    new cables stretch over time. it is a simple adjustment. back the cable tension barrel out (on the derailer where cable goes through). turn it counter clockwise about half a turn. try it and see. if it still does it, go a little more until it stops autoshifting. i suspect by the time it gets to this point you actually need quite a bit of adjustment. if you are unsure, bring it back to the shop and have then do it up. it is a good thing to learn though, because this is something that needs done from time to time.
    GS is right because i been there and took it to a bike shop and they said that the cable is stretch that when you ride your gear is not in fro example 5 but 5 1/2 so there for it goes back and forth from 5th the 6th gear hope i help
    the cables streched, just bring it back to ur local bike shop the might adjust them for free

    Air filter change Landrover Defender?

    Does anybody know how to change an air filter in a 1995 defender short wheel base 90 model? She's smoking a bit on gear change or when i drive at low speeds in a high gear [being too lazy to change gear] im hoping its only the filter any ideas?Air filter change Landrover Defender?
    Under the bonnet on the drivers side youll find a large black cylinder held with two metal straps,on the end of this cylinder youll see a black wingnut.Undo this and remove the end cap of the cylinder to gain access to the filter.Theres usually a secondary plastic nut that holds the air filter in place,removing this will allow you to remove the filter.Do not wash ,replace with new one.Air filter change Landrover Defender?
    Sounds like the Air Filter. Changing it must be pretty simple, locate it in the engine bay, loosen screw, replace filter, re-secure screw.

    On older Land Rovers, (Series 1,2,3) the air filter was an oil bath type. If your's is like the one on my Pug 205 diesel, it's a couple of pieces of foam rubber. Remove, wash out in parafin (NEVER petrol!), replace. Job done.

    Good Luck!
    It's a paper element filter - DON'T wash it in anything, just get a new one.

    It's cylindrical on the defender: Look under the bonnet on the passenger side, the housing is a metal cylinder with a wingnut on the end.

    In the top picture, it's on the right at the front;


    It's either a dirty filter, blocked injectors or a generally tired engine.