Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Driving lessons changing gears?

Ok im into my 6th lesson driving but im needing a little help, only sometimes can i hear the rev of the engine indicating to change gear, but I was told of a different technique on how to change gears and its to do with ur speed but i cant remember exact I think its

1st gear 0-10 mph

2nd gear 10-25mph

3rd gear 25-????

can any of you help by telling me what mph i need to be at to change to 4th and 5th?Driving lessons changing gears?
It is different on different cars so no one will be able to tell you that. get your instructor to help you - that is what you are employing and paying him/her to do.Driving lessons changing gears?
Looking at the speedo to determine the gear is a bit dangerous. You should be looking what's ahead. You will learn from the sound and feel.
I always do it by

0-10mph 1st gear

10-20mph 2nd gear

20-30 3rd gear

40-50 4th gear

and 50 + 5th gear

however, if you hear the engine indicating you to change then do it as the above is just a guide.

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