Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?

How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine? I need to get the car out of my driveway without my parents knowing. The car is a Hyundai Elantra and I can't change gears without starting the engine...unless I'm doing something wrong? Can anyone let me know how to get the car out silently?How do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?
auto or manual?

auto, just move selector into n and maybe rock the car to disengage the parking pawl

manual, move lever away from any gear.

dont forget to release the parking brakeHow do I put a car into neutral without starting the engine?
Some cars have a safety feature that your foot has to be on the brake in an automatic car before you can shift the gears. And the key will probably have to be in the ignition, and turned to the On position, not Start, put foot on brake, then move gear selector. If it doesn't work, I can't help you.

Oh, yeah...one little thing....if you are rolling it down the hill, remember a non-running car has power brakes, and it will require HEAVY pressure on the brake pedal to even get it to engage some when it's not running, as it has no vacuum to power the power part. You may not have enough Umph to get it to stop. So, if you haven't stolen a car before, then you should be aware of this problem, before you crash thru the other side of the street. Which is very likely, judging by your actions. Let us all know what the repair bill costs later... LOL

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on some hyundai vehicle they have a little cap that looks like a screw cover you need to pop that out and then press the little button under it. that is if your vehicle has one.
Parking brakes are mechanical not hydraulic so if you need to stop the car after it starts rolling just pull the parking brake. If the are maintained and properly adjusted they will stop the car no problem
try putting the key in and turning it..not starting the car but starting the battery. put your foot on the break and put it in neutral.
u need key to shift it...u might as well drive it...
put key in ignation and unlock steering column then need to put foot on brake then shift to N. Remember car will be very hard to stop and to stear without engine running

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