Monday, June 6, 2011

How do you not burn your clutch?

I drive like a normal person. Dont have my foot resting on the clutch when driving. Dont hold it in when at a traffic light. I let the clutch out when your supposed to in 1st gear. When I shift I let my foot off the gas, fully engage the clutch, change gears, let the clutch out slowly while engaging the gas. Why do I get a faint smell of burning rubber when I step out of my car? I drive 09 civic si manualHow do you not burn your clutch?
there could be oil on the clutch and burning. 09? take it back and tell them to fix it. don,t you bother it or it could ruin your warranty.How do you not burn your clutch?
A burnt clutch does NOT smell like burnt rubber. Smells more like brakes do when you overheat them. You have something else going on there.
sounds like you're taking off fine, but when you're shifting, maybe do it differently. let off the gas and push the clutch all the way at the same time. Shift, let it out fast and hit the gas at the same time. Or just dont use the clutch to shift, your honda has a fully synchronized transmission.
no need to have your foot on the gas pedal before the clutch pedal is out \\\let the clutch out slowly while engaging the gas////

the clutch should not slip.
Mustang... is correct - you're not smelling burnt clutch if it smells like rubber. A burnt clutch smells almost exactly like burnt brake pad, which is a sharp, slightly acrid organic-metallic smell.

If its a very low-mileage or new 09 model, you might just be smelling the bedding-in process on your brakes, gaskets and whatnot. Try popping the hood and see if the smell is slightly stronger there. If so, keep an eye on it, but otherwise, it sounds like the smell of a new car breaking in.
check your air pressure in your tires they are prolly low and the culprit of the rubber smell
that is a lever use it like one do not ride it/ thats what you are doing

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