Monday, June 6, 2011

Car won't change gear - automatic car. Need serious advice!?

My car has just started to have tons of problems. One is when I go from stop to driving while in Drive (D) in my automatic 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXi it won't shift gears. I try putting it in 1 or 2 and it does the exact same thing as in drive. If I go too fast it even goes into the red in my rpm's without shifting or anything. Also, sometimes the car will be going and then when I try to give it gas it acts as if it's in neutral and just revs until I rev it a little and then it kicks back the way I explained. It sounds like the car is stuck in second or 2. So, if I'm driving 55 MPH I'll be at a constant 4.5k RPM while normally it would have shifted gears and been at 1.8k or so. Is this something I can fix or should I go to a mechanic. How much should I expect to pay? Thank you so much, Yahoo! Answers community!Car won't change gear - automatic car. Need serious advice!?
It sounds like the transmission is in ';limp in'; mode. When a trouble code is set in the computer, the transmission goes into ';limp'; where it will not shift. On that vehicle, a common cause of the problem is the transmission output speed sensor.

Have the computer scanned for codes (the transmission is scanned using the blue connector under the dash) that will tell you what the problem is. If it is the sensor, it is not an expensive repair, it just screws into the transmission.Car won't change gear - automatic car. Need serious advice!?
Despite what everyone thinks, putting the gear shift in ';1'; or ';2'; doesnt force the transmission into that gear, it only stops the transmission from shifting above that gear.

Overall, you need transmission work, judging by the symptoms you probably need a full rebuild or a new transmission.
my auto car did the same had my gear box reconditioned last month cost me 500 i rang round every where to get the best deal dont drive the car or you will make it worse the baring might have gone or the belt which is cheaper to fix if the belt snaps you will need a whole new gearbox could cost up to 700
Yeah sorry buddie sounds like you have a slipping transmission.. Really really bad slipping problem.
you need new transmission
Start with Fire4511's suggestion and if that is not the problem you are going to be having a date with the transmission shop. Transmissions are not good projects for the untrained.

Get estimates!

On any major repair I recommend that you get 3 or 4 estimates from local service facilities unless you are lucky enough to have a shop with an absolutely stellar reputation available. Compare the estimates and choose one of the middle estimates. My reasoning for this is the low estimate either left something out or worse is deliberately giving a low ball estimate to get you in and then when your car is all torn apart they find all sorts of critically important things wrong with it which run your bill through the roof. Do the leg work and be an informed car owner. No reliable technician or shop will give an estimate for repair site unseen except as a budgetary estimate which will be a range from the middle average to the unusual high end possible.

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